Friday, October 3, 2008

Some Quality hang-out time.

It is Friday, so here is some fresh meat:

So, today my bestest buddy joey, (who does the webcomic a softer world ) helped me hook up some new coding for the Scratch Comics portion of the site. Now it will be "php" instead of html, which makes my life a WHOLE lot easier. (thanks joey!) But just a warning, the FLJP portion is disabled just for the time being. By Monday we will have everything up and running smoothly, including Cyrius in php too! Sadly this is much less exciting for everyone that is not joey or i. You will see no difference whatsoever. Sigh. This is the nature of code, I suppose.

In other news... you are not gonna believe this..... remember the first Cyrius comic? Well, today my friend Kqantu sent me THIS LINK. I swear that I created that comic without knowing about that! Seriously! What are the odds of that? That is just insane. Also, check out the "Learn" page in the Cyrius section to get your brain-veins pumpin'! Haha. But seriously, there are just some fun facts there. And soon... QUIZES! (all for fun, I swear. I'm not TRYING to make you learn, really.