Monday, September 29, 2008

Pillow Talk.

It is Monday. New Scratch!

So, we had this Brita water filter that attaches to our tap, but every time I would turn on the water it would shoot off into the sink and water would spray directly into my eye. Everytime. I hated it. So I looking in the manual and found a number to call if "your unit doesn't fit on your tap". I call, they were somewhat nice, but the point is, a week or so later I got a kit in the mail, on their dime. It was filled with a bunch of different adapters for the tap. We went through them, picked the right one, and BAM. PROBLEM SOLVED. Just goes to show you, when you phone a company, they want you to be happy so they will often send you free stuff to rectify the problem! No I can get back to filling my water balloons with filtered water.