Tuesday, September 23, 2008

comics and new beginnings and such.

Hello World!

Sooo......  this begins the blogity blog of scritchity scratch.   The website launched today, Monday Sept 22, 2008, and I'm quite excited!  Please feel free to go on over and peruse the site and check out all the archived scratch comics!  

Here is the beginning of chapter 4!:  

This is definitely representative of the fact that I have been MIA from doing the comic thing for awhile.  I am psyched to be back at the drawing board!  Literally!  Ha!

I'll be on the regular with Scratch, and the other comics (Cyrius, Peas, etc) will come sporadically at first, but will become regular over time.   You can also find me on facebook (Chris H, Halifax) and on livejournal too:  http://scratchcomics.livejournal.com

I guess that's it for now!