Thursday, December 4, 2008

everything dies, I suppose.

Sorry for absence of comics over the last week or so, I was on a small vacation. I guess I should've let you know. How heartless of me. I'm sorry! Please put down the cheese grater, and let's talk about this. I'm back, and I only have eyes for you. You, and the new banner I put up in honour of the Holiday Season. Have you seen it?

Also, I am considering a few changes. I am considering putting Scratch Comics on Hiatus for January, and attempting a second "February LiveJournal Project" in ... uh... FEBRUARY. Let me know your thoughts on this. I'd like to be churning out more Cyrius per week, and get some animations finished, so maybe this will be a way to do that? I need to know what you all think. (NOTE: scritchscratch is the name of the SITE, and Scratch is the name of one of the COMICS on the site....there apparently is some confusion about this. And while we are settling confusions..."boxer-briefs") So yeah. Write me at or if you are on LiveJournal, drop me a line there if you'd like. Now let's have some Taco Salade.